Episode 10: Bill Borman – In Our Dreams We’re Flying

Artist: Bill Borman
Album: In Our Dreams We’re Flying
Length: 40:53
From: New Zealand
Genre: Folk Rock
Website: http://billborman.bandcamp.com/album/in-our-dreams-were-flying

What do we think of In Our Dreams We’re Flying by Bill Bormans? Listen to find out!

Featured tracks:

  1. Three Problems
  2. A Complex Thing
  3. The Oracle And The Thief

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License: Creative Commons

Podcast Length: 23:57
Download Album: MP3 Link
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  1. Hi, thanks for the great comments on my album. Since I happened to find this I thought it might be nice to answer a couple of things:

    Recording setup! My piano is an old late 19th century Ritmüller that I bought for $2500NZ (~$1900US). So it’s not anything fancy, but it sounds great. I think a couple of tracks on the album use a software piano instead, or an older piano I had. I found the best way to record with that piano is to take the bottom cover off and put two mics close up at the left and right. My mics for that are just a Rode NT5 pair. I have to roll off some bass and put a big scoop at about 450Hz.

    Meanings of songs are always up for personal interpretation. Some of the tracks are pretty vague, but Three Problems is about how people make a lot of mistakes – they don’t want things that are good/they want things that are bad – but (last verse) hopefully at least we’re learning from our mistakes.

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